Use cases

TrustOS enables companies to develop new decentralised services for a variety of industries and situations.

Proof of Everything

The Trust module allows you to record and store on the network any type of information (contracts, mail, messages, content, media, etc.) that you want to be verifiable to anyone at any time from registration. Any supply chain or inventory management solution can be easily implemented by integrating the Trust module into business processes.

Issue certifications

It is possible to create an asset always verifiable for the business processes: ticket sales, training and education, certificates of origin, ownership and authenticity, etc.

Secondary markets

The Token module can be used to create and manage tokens that represent any asset in the real world (from physical assets to usage rights or intangible assets such as a person’s time) that can be transmitted or validated according to ERC20 and ERC721 standards. We can think of mobility vehicles in cities (scooters, motorcycles, cars, etc.), collaborative economy resources (apartments, cars, etc.), rationalization of the use of shared resources (meeting rooms, visiting slots, medical consultations, etc.) or any physical or digital asset to be modelled.

Digital ID

The decentralized ID approach allows you to add security to any process by validating people and device identities and verifying digital signatures without sharing a large amount of unnecessary data.