TrustOS is both an SDK and a powerful, easy-to-use set of decentralized network modules deployed in several blockchain networks. It makes easier to anyone to get the benefits of blockchain technology without facing the inherent complexity of it. If you want to enter the Blockchain space, it does not matter the underlying technology, the consensus mechanisms, the network, the consortia or the infrastructure anymore. Just get the better of blockchain invoking the TrustOs.

Our vision

As a telco, we really believe Blockchain adds a trust layer to operations. So, we must make accessible this trust without adding additional complexity, and the best way to do that is to embed it in the network. So, we aim to design a “Blockchain for ALL” proposition to change the way companies and entrepreneurs build their digital services in a decentralized world. Nobody must validate, certificate or audit what the services are doing, the info they handle, its authorship or how they are working, the services themselves will do it through a Blockchain layer embedded in the networks.

Problem statement

Companies are interested in Blockchain and are constantly asking themselves what technology is for and if there is any way to take advantage of it in their business. They feel both interest and frustration at the complexity of choosing a technology, developing their Smart Contracts in specific languages, deploying their own network, and so on. The result in most cases is that for now the possible advantages are totally out of reach.

However, the use cases just benefit from technology in the same way and we can offer and bundle these benefits to the community without having to really understand the technology or deploying their own network.

Target audience

TrustOS is initially designed to enable developers who wish to take advantage of Blockchain to easily integrate it into their products and services by invoking a set of JSON APIs, without investing in understanding the technology or startings ophisticated ad-hoc developments. They need us to offer them a simple, flexible, affordable and fast way to add the advantages of Blockchain to their products and services without having to set up or operate their network. They need to record information immutably, create and manage tokens or reach consensus on information gathered from different sources. We build the ecosystem of trust they want through TrustOS so they can use Blockchain and add their advantages to their value proposition without dealing directly with the technology. They want trust as a service.


TrustOS can be deployed on any Hyperledger Fabric based blockchain network. Support for Quorum/Ethereum and CORDA based networks will be added soon. Once deployed, an HTTP API is published so that it can be used from any programming language. The API hides much of the complexity of working with a Blockchain, but its direct use still requires low-level knowledge. For that reason, TrustOS also includes some libraries to be consumed by applications and other Smart Contracts. Therefore, TrustOS commands can be invoked from outside Blockchain through its APIs or from other Smart Contracts inside the Blockchain itself.