TrustOS software is deployed on any Hyperledger Fabric based blockchain network. Support for Quorum/Ethereum and CORDA based networks will be added soon.

Once deployed, an HTTP API is published so that it can be used from any programming language. The API hides much of the complexity of working with a Blockchain, but its direct use still requires low-level knowledge. For that reason, TrustOS also includes some libraries to be consumed by applications and other Smart Contracts. Therefore, TrustOS commands can be invoked from outside Blockchain through its APIs or from other Smart Contracts inside the Blockchain itself.

Since the installation and deployment of TrustOS requires considerable efforts, TrustOS is perfectly designed to allow the majority of business logics and client systems take advantage of its benefits without having knowledge of Hyperledger Fabric neither deploying anything, just using simple APIs. Moreover, for those who are deepening into the field, doors will be open to deploy TrustOS software over its own network.

TrustOS also includes some administration features and interfaces that allow the developer community to add new modules to TrustOS.

How does it work

The following figure describes a layer-based architecture:

TrustOS Architecture

APIs do not speak the Blockchain language (send, validate or verify a transaction, query a block, provision or obtain gas at an address, compile, deploy or execute contracts, manage and safeguard cryptographic material, etc.) but the language a customer understands (create an asset and update its status or position, add account activity, verify an identity, create or transfer a token, etc.).

Initially, TrustOS is available for deployment on any Hyperledger Fabric-based network and interacts with Ethereum (mainnet and testnet networks), Polygon (mainnet and testnet networks) and Alastria’s Network B (built on Hyperledger Besu). In the coming months support will be added for implementation in other technologies. We put a lot of effort into evolving the product 🤓